Spread the cost with Liverpool Bespoke Flooring & Carpets

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Now you can afford that gorgeous laminate flooring, carpet or even LVT you’ve had your eye on.

Here are the basics:
Spend up to £2250 paid directly to the retailer on your behalf
Spread payments over 15 months
Repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit you
Clear the loan within 15 weeks and pay no interest

All loans will be subject to a £15 deposit if you're approved, but you won't need to make this payment until you've chosen your items and are ready to sign the agreement.




What if you don’t use
Bills keep coming and life keeps moving, so if your money is needed somewhere else and you don't use the 15 weeks pay off option, just carry on paying the minimum payments and you'll pay it off over 15 months. It’ll cost you about £3 per month for every £100 borrowed.
At any point after the first 15 weeks you can settle your loan early and only pay interest up to that point. We're as flexible as you need us to be!