Divan Beds

Divan beds can be bought as a package with any mattress or on its own.

the most popular are below but if you would like a price with a different mattress please get in touch.

We have divan set as well that we sell which you can advertise 

Prices are the following

Tower divan set

24” cube design headboard - diamonds or buttons
Divan base
Tower 10” mattress

Single £195
Small double/ Double £209
5ft £239
6ft £305

Orchid Divan Set

24” cube design headboard
Divan base
Orchid 8” mattress

Single £175
Small double / Double £189
Kingsize £205

Super kingsize £219

Aloe Vera 1000 pocket springs Set

24” cube headboard
Divan beds
1000 pocket springs mattress

Single £230
Small Double £259
Kingsize £299
Super kingsize £331

Just add the following prices on top and will be any style headboard I’ve sent

This price is only if then want to add it on a divan set

54” floor standing headboard

Single £65
Small double / Double £75
King size £90
Super king size £113

Available with draws

Draws are £23 per draw